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Looking for an Omnichannel, AI-driven or Self Service solution for customer service? We’ve got you covered!

With EXO Help Desk Software You Can..

What we bring for you

EXO Help Desk support providing a complete customer support solution.
From Now, start generating leads by reducing your customers’ frustration.

Customer Support

It will increase your team’s productivity to solve your customers’ queries in one place.

Knowledge Base

No need to rush, use the knowledge base free ticketing system to resolve general queries

Chat Widget

Multifunctional chat widget creates live chat environment and generate tickets.

EXO Help Desk Software

EXO Help Desk Support System is designed for team collaboration to resolve issues efficiently and to improve productivity of agents. It’s not only for sending replies but also for control access, visual analytics, real-time monitoring and updates, status tracking, service level management, etc. in EXO Help Desk software, ticket filtration is based on specific properties. So, the agent can handle the most prioritized ticket from front and center.

Save Customers from Bad Services

EXO Help Desk free ticketing system includes multiple functionalities. Our free ticketing system works across verticals and scales to every business size.

Work Automation

Help Desk Support system can automate repetitive manual actions, and manage bottleneck in your running process.


Now your team can connect to your customers on each platform by using Help Desk software chat system.

Self Service

Help Desk support helps in making your system knowledge based. It helps your customers to find answers quickly.

Let the facts convince you

Sync your all platforms in one place and talk to your customers’ for better support. EXO Help Desk software tool offers power and flexibility you need to provide personalized human support to more customers in least time. Let’s grow your business by retaining your customers and start word of mouth marketing from your customers.
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